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Published on October 08, 2012 by Henny Penny in Penny's Posts

Last weekend I rescued 4 more ex-battery chickens, thanks to Wendy at the British Hen Welfare Trust. This is the third occasion I’ve rescued chickens, and I’m pleased to say that these girls don’t look too bad. 

They have plenty of feathers, unlike my previous batch who hardly had a feather between them, but have now bounced back and are in fine fettle). In fact the only sign that these birds haven’t had a great life so far is that their combs are very floppy and pale pink. 

This is usually due to them having spent very little time outside in normal daylight. But with some fresh air, green grass and good food they will soon perk up over the next 3 – 4 weeks. As fully functioning ex-batts there were 4 freshly laid eggs the following day. This is quite normal, seeing as that’s all they’ve been ‘programmed’ to do for the past year and a bit. 

Unlike our other girls, these newcomers seem to prefer to lay in the afternoon. No idea why but they’re getting to grips with their new-found surroundings. I always keep them separated from the other hens as part of their acclimatisation, otherwise there can be squabbles as the others feel the need to ‘communicate’ the local pecking order. 

It’s enough of a culture shock for them to leave their battery conditions without having to work out where they should fit in to the established hierarchy. My son Charlie has already named them: Lester (as a girl’s name!), Andrea, Morgan (again, as a girl’s name) and Henny Penny - what else!! I hope he’ll be able to remember them all…


Tags: British Hen Welfare Trust, rescue, ex-battery, combs, Charlie, Henny Penny

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