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A snowy surprise for the Henny Penny hens!

Published on October 30, 2012 by Henny Penny in Penny's Posts

North Yorkshire received its first snowfall last Saturday night. As it fell silently overnight onto the thatched roof of the Henny Penny 'Manor House', our chickens stayed nice and warm as they huddled together on their perches. 

Next morning, the girls were so funny as they looked out of their windows waiting for me to come around the corner with their breakfast. I suppose it’s just like ordering room service in an hotel! Some of them stepped out rather gingerly, not having seen snow before. But they soon got used to it. 

We’ve have just moved our chickens in to a newly fenced area in a field behind our garden. The coop is on newly formed hard standing, and the fencing is 5ft high to keep Mr Fox out. We have also dug the wire under the fence to a depth 1ft so that we can keep out badgers and any other unwelcome visitors. But even if they did manage to get into our new chicken area, they wouldn’t be able to get to the girls thanks to how sturdy the hen house is. 

The next security measure will be to fit an electric fence…more on that shortly. I hope you agree that it looks so lovely topped with crisp white snow on the roof?

A snowy surprise for the Henny Penny hens!

Tags: chickens in snow, protecting chickens, chicken fence, manor house chicken coop

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