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It’s Bedtime Girls

Published on November 15, 2012 by Henny Penny in Penny's Posts

Around 4.30pm after a sunny November day in North Yorkshire, the light was starting to fade. Time to see what the new girls were up to. The good news was that they were no longer trying to hide under the fence. They had eaten most of their food and drunk plenty of water. But it was getting pretty dark and they were still mooching around outside. 

Just like in the morning when we had to ‘teach’ them how to leave their protective coop for the first time, they now had to learn to return to their hen house and roost. So, after a little Laurel and Hardy style chasing around, I decided that it would be better to pick each one up individually and push them through their pop-hole door. 

One by one we carefully put them inside the door. Of course they wanted to come straight back out again, so I put Charlie on guard duty to shoo them back in until I brought the next one over. 

5 minutes later…job done. The following day they were out as soon as we opened their door, running straight to their food and water. And when night came later that day, to my delight, they remembered to go inside into their safe, snugly coop. So, who says chickens are dumb? Not my girls!

It’s Bedtime Girls

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