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Cover girls!

Published on December 04, 2012 by Henny Penny in Penny's Posts

We were recently asked to supply a photo of our cute small ‘Croft’ hen house for the cover of a national magazine. They asked us to get plenty of blue sky and sunshine in the background, and have several chickens scratching about in front of it. Sounds easy, doesn't it! 

Bearing in mind that this was a week ago now, and pretty much the whole of the UK has seen nothing but torrential rain and floods during the last two months, finding a sunny day was going to be a challenge. Then we got a rare dry weather forecast for a couple of hours over one lunchtime. We mobilised everyone to get the chickens together and got the hen house loaded onto a teleporter to take it to the top of a hill in our field. Although the 'Croft' can be moved around quite easily, the hill was a long way to walk and time was against us. Even though everyone involved was super efficient, the whole thing still took the best part of 45 minutes to come together. 

We’d already decided where we were going to take the shots, which had some glorious blue sky above it. I made a dash for the big cardboard box that I used to transport our last batch of 4 ex-battery hens home in, and quickly selected some ‘well behaved’ chickens to star in the photo before the clouds arrived. 

That's when I realised that chickens don't forget! As soon as they spotted the big box they all ran for the hills, flapping and clucking. Poor girls! Eventually I managed to persuade four of them that it was just a quick adventure and that they would be back in time for corn for tea. After that they were brilliant. Unfortunately, the weather began to turn, and although the sky saw some dramatic cloud formations, the moment had passed for a super sunny shoot on this occasion. As we were there we took some shots for our own use anyway. 

This is my favourite - it's a bit moody! What do you think?

Cover girls!

Tags: Croft, hen house, chicken coop, ex-battery hens

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