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Calendar Cockerels

Published on February 08, 2013 by Henny Penny in Penny's Posts

Last Friday it was time to turn the over the next page over of our lovely Happy Egg Company calendar that's pinned up in the girls' chicken coop to reveal Mr February. 

I had very high hopes for this gentleman to put a smile on my hens' faces because, as you can see, he's pretty cute! As with Mr January we received 11 eggs the next morning rather the average 8. 

Then over the next few days we were back to 8 eggs each morning. However, yesterday we were into double figures again with 10. I wonder if it depends which chickens sleeps next to the picture? Are some girls looking the wrong way on their perches some nights? Do we need more than one calendar? Not sure what Henry, our cockerel in residence, thinks...I suspect he pretty chilled with it all. We will continue to monitor this fascinating theory and let you know.

Calendar Cockerels

Tags: chicken coop, happy egg company, chickens, hens, cockerel, calendar

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