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Life's A Lot Easier On A Luxury Liner!

Published on February 15, 2013 by Henny Penny in Penny's Posts

Cleaning out your chicken coop is one of the 'joys' of chicken ownership. There's no two ways about it - chickens poop and pee just like the rest of us and need to be cleaned out regularly. I usually recommend that this is done weekly, and for me the most convenient time is to do it on a Sunday. Severe weather can affect this, but the most I've ever left them is two weeks. 

Of course to let them go on that long isn't ideal, but if you've got unrelenting torrential rain and/or snow, sometimes you just don't get the right window. On those rare occasions I do make sure that I top them up with clean bedding and some straw. 

All Henny Penny Hen Houses are very solid, and you can simply put clean bedding straight onto the wooden floor. The floor will tend to get damp, but new bedding helps to dry this out. However, my latest 'top tip' is that I've now found a really easy and quick way to clean out my hen house - a chicken coop liner! I like things that are simple to use, and this is definitely one of those. 

It's a heavy duty waterproof tarpaulin which fits easily onto the floor of my clean coop. Once laid, I just spread the wood shavings and straw over the top of the liner and into the corners of the house to make sure it's all nice and covered to a depth of about 1" - 1.5". The following week all I have to do is just step into the hen house and pick up all four corners of the liner and carefully lift it out. I tip the soiled contents straight on to my compost heap, and then wash the liner with water and a broom and let it dry over a gate before replacing it back in the hen house. 

I find this method is about 75% quicker than having to sweep all the wood shavings and droppings out the old fashioned way. Now that's what I call a 'luxury liner'! At the same time the wooden floor of the house stays much drier, which is great for keeping red mite under control. I definitely recommend them.

Life's A Lot Easier On A Luxury Liner!

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