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Easter Hen Party At The Sugar Mouse

Published on March 29, 2013 by Penny Roberts in Penny's Posts

Earlier this week we delivered one of Henny Penny's forthcoming chicken coop designs to the Sugar Mouse - a luxury confectionary shop and cafe in Easingwold, near York. It immediately became the star attraction of its Easter display.

Taking pride of place, the 'Chalet' hen house is suitable for 2-4 'girls'. It high quality 'flat pack' design takes only 15 minutes for a non-expert to build. In fact it's strictly stress free! Although not formally launched yet, it has already received a brilliant response from the Sugar Mouse's discerning clientele. We expect to have the Chalet available on http://www.hennypennyhenhouses.co.uk during April.

Once erected, Sugar Mouse owner Angela Spencer and her daughter Molly set to, and within minutes the Henny Penny Chalet was decorated with lots of delicious Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies for sale. And of course it had room for plenty of chocolate chickens and eggs inside!

Angela said, "I so excited about the Henny Penny hen house arriving in our shop. It's going to be perfect for displaying all our Easter chicks!" Molly added enthusiastically "I love the thatched roof and the little windows."

If you're planning to visit North Yorkshire this Easter, why not take a trip to Easingwold and pop into the Sugar Mouse.

Easter Hen Party At The Sugar Mouse

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