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Got Chickens? Get Garlic!

Published on May 03, 2013 by Penny Roberts in Chicken Care

Unless you're closely related to a vampire, garlic is generally considered to be good for just about everyone – including chickens. As well as helping to improve their appetite and the size and quality of their eggs, it’s great for treating infections and respiratory problems too.

You don’t have to use it all the time of course, but it won’t harm your girls if you do. I usually keep a couple of fresh raw cloves in their drinker for two weeks and then have a week off before refreshing with new garlic again. Primarily my intention is to use the garlic as a preventative measure to enhance the chickens’ overall wellness, and it definitely works (touch wood, we’ve had no health issues in the past 3 years that I’ve been using it). BTW, I've found it particularly beneficial with ex-battery hens.  

Garlic helps to support the immune system, so even if a chicken is ailing it can assist the chicken’s capable body to heal itself. This wonder vegetable (and herb) is reputed to be a great antibiotic, as well as having antifungal and anti-worm/parasite properties. In short, it’s a great immunity boost!

This is not to say that it is a cure all for every ailment going, but can certainly be used to provide additional support in more serious cases. You can put garlic as full cloves or chopped up into either a galvanized drinker or a plastic one. However, if you want to add cider apple vinegar then you must only use a plastic drinker

I love cooking with garlic and eating garlic flavoured food. But I have never ever felt that my girls’ eggs have tasted of garlic as a result of having it in their water, so no issues there. And there’s one other benefit…after a few weeks of use, the sulphur from chicken's droppings is reduced which will make your chicken coop smell ‘better’!

Got Chickens? Get Garlic!

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