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Habits Of Henry The Cockerel

Published on May 18, 2013 by Penny Roberts in Penny's Posts

Henry is our very special cockerel who came to live with us about two years ago. His first home was with a lady who kept chickens in the city of York. However, whilst her neighbours seemed able to tolerate the odd clucking of hens, the full-on crowing of Henry was a totally different matter.
Luckily I overheard Henry’s plight being talked about at a friend’s drinks party, and within a couple of days he was packing his flight bag and making his way to meet up with my girls.

Now my girls had never mixed with a cockerel before (cockerels are kept away from battery hens as the farmers do not want their eggs to be fertilised). Come to that, neither had I. But after a little research and talking to a few people I was reassured that nature would take its course and Henry would soon establish himself. In fact it was instantaneous – and after a few days it was like he’d been there from the start.
For example, twice a day (at 11 o’clock and at half past two in the afternoon) handsome Henry flies up on to the top of our Manor House chicken coop to crow his socks off! Even though he’s 16 miles away from his original home, I really think he thinks all the American tourists that visit York every year can still hear him!

Although he makes me laugh he is also a complete gentleman. If one of the chickens strays away from their safe area he will stay with her until we notice and put her back into the run area. In the morning he always comes out of the hen house last, after all the girls, which I think is very polite and considerate. And he’s also super-fast. We have never been able to catch Henry - he is faster than the fastest thing from fast land! But we love him.

Habits Of Henry The Cockerel

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