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Henny Penny At The Harrogate Flower Show

Published on September 17, 2013 by Penny Roberts in Penny's Posts

Having been invited to exhibit at the prestigious Harrogate Flower Show, which takes place twice a year on the world famous Great Yorkshire Showground in the North of England. My team and I had all worked hard to get things ready in time for the set-up day last Thursday.

Exhibitions and shows are always demanding, but once you’re there then they’re usually a lot of fun. This year was no exception, with 38,000 people attending over 3 days we hardly had a moment to draw breath!

We were busy non-stop from the moment the gates opened at 9.30am until they closed at 5.30pm. I’m not complaining though, we did some great business and met a lot of really lovely people from all age groups. We even received a Gold Award for our stand design and products, which was both unexpected and wonderful in equal measure.

In addition to our hen houses (and two Blue Flash Buff Orpingtons who behaved impeccably) we also brought along some brand new products – a Pet Chalet (for a posh pooch or cat, or maybe even a rabbit) and a Potting House, the latter being a great hit with our gentlemen visitors. One chap in particular eyed it longingly, then turned to me and said ‘this is a quality shed for quality contemplating’. At least now his wife knows what to buy him for Christmas!!       


Henny Penny At The Harrogate Flower Show

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