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Penny Makes Her Debut As A ‘Page 3’ Girl!

Published on February 17, 2014 by Penny Roberts in Penny's Posts

Yes it’s true – though thankfully with the cold weather I was able to keep all my clothes on! Last Saturday saw Henny Penny Hen Houses’ most recent piece of press coverage when I was featured extensively in the Yorkshire Post. 

They very kindly put a picture of me and one of my girls on the front page of the main newspaper. Then in the ‘Country Week’ supplement about all things rural in Yorkshire I was emblazoned across the whole of the front page. Great stuff!

Then, when you turned to Page 3, we had a great page of images and editorial covering my transition from telecoms to chicken coops (such a natural career path) as well as some of the celebrity customers we have acquired along the way. 

Although ‘only’ a regional newspaper, it is considered part of the staple informational diet in this part of the world, so a big thank you from me to journalist Chris Berry for giving Henny Penny and our efforts to encourage more people to re-home ex-battery chickens such wonderful coverage.

So, to all journalists and editors out there, please note that I am definitely available to talk ‘chicken’ (not turkey), but only if I remain tastefully covered up…even in warmer weather!  

Penny Makes Her Debut As A ‘Page 3’ Girl!

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