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How To Stop Chickens Eating Their Own Eggs

Published on April 02, 2014 by Penny Roberts in Chicken Care

I've recently found a lot of eaten eggs in my next boxes when I've gone to collect the eggs. My chickens all have plenty of grass, food, oyster shell grit, protein and water - so it's not because they are hungry! 

Sometimes it can start when the shell of an egg is accidentally broken in your chicken coop nesting box. If a hen then pecks at it and decides that the contents inside are actually quite tasty, then you have a potential problem on your hands. If you leave the situation unchecked then it can become an everyday occurrence. 

I decided to stop this naughty habit before any other chickens follow suit. There are a number of suggested methods you can find on the internet, but I can only personally vouch for the one I’ve tried.

For three days I carefully covered a small piece of bread in a thick coat of English mustard and placed it inside a clean but broken egg shell. Then I put it back into the nesting box to see what would happen. 

So far, to my delight, the mustard filled eggs have been partially eaten yet all the other eggs have been left untouched! I did stop putting mustard eggs in for a couple of days, but then the eggs started to get eaten again so I resumed the process. It’s now a week later and there’s still no sign of any eaten eggs, so I’m going to stop doing it for a while and see what happens.

Other things you might consider are whether your chickens are bored, in which case why not give then a cabbage tied up with some string a try – they just love to peck at that! Also, ensure your nesting box always has plenty of soft bedding in, so that there is less chance of an egg breaking or cracking when it is laid. And lastly, if at all possible, go to collect your eggs more frequently – if the temptation of egg pecking is not staring then in the face all the time then they won’t have as much opportunity to peck! 

How To Stop Chickens Eating Their Own Eggs

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