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How To Keep Chickens Warm In The Snow

Published on March 02, 2015 by Penny Roberts in Chicken Care

It’s March and snow has arrived in North Yorkshire again. Not a huge amount, but enough to turn things white. It all looks very pretty of course, and my son wants to go sledging (sorry Charlie, it’s no way deep enough for that). But my thoughts are about my chickens and how to make sure they are warm enough.

I’m ensuring my girls get some extra layers pellets during the day and also plenty of mixed corn in the afternoon. Because the mixed corn takes longer to digest they will go to roost in their Manor House with a full crop which will keep them warmer for longer. I also make sure that they have plenty of nesting box material so they are comfortable and warm when they lay their eggs, which some of my girls are still doing (bless ‘em).

The temperature here is just about -3 degrees Celsius at night. In my coop we pretty much have a full house, and so with their natural feather insulation my chickens are quite toasty - especially when they snuggle up together on their perches (which they always do anyway…even in the summer). In more extreme cold weather that is likely to remain for extended periods it may be advisable to consider a suitable heater. But to be honest, as long as your coop is dry, has adequate ventilation to let hot air out and is not draughty (a bad thing) then Mother Nature is quite capable of looking after her creations. With a little help from me of course!

Roll on spring!

Chickens feeding in the snow

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Sam Pullin

October 29, 2015 at 00:00 am

Great article and very helpful too. Winter is nearly here and I was really hunting for some tips to keep my chickens comfortable and warm this season. Yes warm treats like corn can be given in the evening to keep them warm for the whole night. I would like to add up something, that chickens do not prefer to go outside and most of the time they will stay in the coop. What you can do is hang a cabbage on a string inside the coop, chickens usually enjoys toying with the cabbage as well as eating them. This will keep them a bit busy inside the coop during the winter season.